Back around Christmas Break, Sylvia and I cleaned out my garage. She told me it would be a good “relationship test”. Could we work together well and agree on things while working in the garage? Could we do it without arguing.

The garage needed to be cleaned out badly. I had done some work in it since my ex husband had left, but it was still cluttered and a mess. I think I made two trips with a full trunk to the donations place. We also filled up two trash cans. Sylvia has a good eye for organizing things. It was a good way to see how well we worked together or how we couldn’t work together.

I think today we had another relationship test. We are in the middle of that bad winter storm that hit North Texas yesterday. We woke up to NO power this morning. I was supposed to keep my niece and baby nephew, but with no power there was no way in this cold. Sylvia and I managed to pack up the kids, laptops and some things we needed and head to my brother’s house to watch the kids and KEEP ourselves warm.

Sylvia has more experience driving on ice so she took us over. We were there until about 11:45 when the power finally came back on. She had tried one time to bring my two boys back over because we were told the power was on, but then it went back off again. We could not fit everyone in the car so it took two trips. Plus I had to pack up a baby and a playpen to bring over! Sylvia is also not feeling well and has a cough.

Overall we worked well together and got things done. My boys did fine with her by themselves and the oldest helped her bring a lot of things into the house from the car. She is back sleeping now. I got the baby settled and then focused on her because I know she really didn’t feel well and I wanted to take care of her. She takes such good care of me and I want to be there to take care of her.

I am sure there will be other things that will test the strength of our relationship, and I am sure we will do just as well as we did today. NOW if we could just get some sun to melt this ice. I think we may be out of school for the rest of the week. I really don’t like the winter!


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