Sylvia and I had a wonderful night last night. We ate dinner and got my youngest to bed around 8:00. We soon went to “bed” but we didn’t sleep! We were asleep by 10:30 and we were hoping to sleep in to at least 7:30! My youngest usually woke up before us, but he would make his own breakfast and play the Wii!

Well, I awoke to a banging on our bedroom door. I had no idea what time it was and Sylvia was not too happy. I finally get to the door, not really dressed, and my youngest says…..”I can’t get the waffle out.” I tell him I’ll be right there and get some clothes on. Sylvia then says, “It is not even 5:00 yet!” Again, she didn’t sound too happy. I went out and had a talk with my son about how to knock on a door to get MOM and helped him get his breakfast. He had gone to bed early the night before because he had been sick. He looked better and his cough seemed better, thankfully!

I returned to bed and Sylvia says, “It was 4:51 when he knocked on the door!” I climbed back into bed and snuggled up with Sylvia. We lay there talking and tried to go back to sleep! However, sleep would not come so we made love.One of the cats then decided he wanted in, so I had to go and give him a talking to at the door. Sylvia laughed at me for trying to psych him out making a spray bottle noise and then having to catch him and throw him back out. I love her laugh. Soon after that we fell asleep in each others arms and awoke around 7:30. She had to work today so it was good we woke up because she realized she had forgotten to set her alarm.  We took a shower together and then made  a wonderful breakfast and she left for work.

Sylvia teased my son that she would wake him up at two in the morning the next time she woke up early.He thought that was funny.  He told us he was sorry for waking us up so early.  Thankfully he doesn’t do this most mornings and usually not that early! I am glad that Sylvia understands about my kids. We both know one day both boys will grow up and that they won’t live with us forever…we hope!


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