So my younger son’s is a special needs child. He has some issues at school that have needed a lot of work. I don’t want to get into all of the details but part of it is behavior issues related to a neurological disorder. He sometimes can’t help how he acts and has had to learn how to control himself. He has made great strides, but had a rough week last week.

I sometimes wonder if having a new person in my life, be it man or woman, would affect my youngest son. I spoke to a friend with a son with the same condition and she suggested I call his doctor. The doctor returned my call and I explained what was going on and also taht I was now dating a woman. I also told the doc how my son is with Sylvia and how Sylvia is with him. She didn’t think Sylvia was causing any issues for him. If anything he needs more adults in his life he can depend on and he really does like having her around.

It was not easy coming out to a doctor over the phone, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. My youngest son was sick yesterday and it turns out he has the flu. His long time doctor asked if I wanted tamiflu for my youngest son and for me. I said yes, then debated on whether I should ask for meds for Sylvia. Well, I got my nerve up and mentioned that I was dating someone and that it was a woman and could she get some meds too. Now this is a doc I have taken the boys too since the youngest was born. He looked at me and said, SURE no problem. Whew! I said, well I was just worried to ask. He replied with,”I’ll get the prescription for her and the nurses just need to know she is a friend staying with you. It is your life!”

I am finding that it is becoming easier to live myself OUT as a lesbian. I have also debated on tellng my youngest son’s special ed. teacher so she is aware of the changes at home. For now I won’t be telling her, but I may depending on his behavior. I’ll decide when the time comes!!


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