Real life is starting to creep more and more into my relationship with Sylvia. We had a wonderful two weeks when I was off for Christmas break and she had some time off too. We then had two three day weekends together. She had to work some, but one of those was an ICE day and she didn’t work at all. We were iced in and just stayed home! It was wonderful. We even took naps together two days in a row!

Now my work is keeping me busy and her job is too. Maybe because our relationship has grown and we are closer, we miss each other more.  I know we will have more days together when we have no responsibilities but to wake up and have time together. Thankfully the two boys don’t need a lot of taking care of, don’t worry, we don’t neglect them on the weekends and such. We can however steal a nap in the afternoon without feeling too guilty, and yes it really is a nap!!!

There are some evenings though when she gets home late(and by home I mean our home, even though she has her own place she considers this a home also) and we don’t have as much time together. It is not hurting our relationship, at this point anyway, but it something I think we need to be aware of. I told her a while back, that I never want to take our relationship for granted.  I don’t want to take her for granted. Does that make sense? I want to cherish every moment and enjoy our time together and keep that feeling I got when I first met her…..the feeling I still get when I see her in the morning and when I close my eyes when we are in each others arms going to sleep. The feeling I get during the day when we speak on the phone or text.

Real life may try to intrude, but I am going to do my best to keep my relationship with Sylvia and my children at the top of my list! Work should never be more important!


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