How do you handle being apart? Sylvia is out-of-town for two days. She has traveled before and both of us find it hard to be apart. She isn’t too far and will be home on Saturday, but I do miss her so! The closer we get, the harder it is to be apart, but it is also easier. I am used to her being gone on other trips, so I know what to expect. However, I still miss her and wish she were here. I don’t want to be selfish though and keep her to myself…she has a friend she likes to visit and she needs to go and do her “thing”.  We shouldn’t have to change everything in our lives, just because we are in a relationship.

Anyway, I am just rambling. I have an upset stomach….I am thinking due to my looming “time of the month next week”…..I am tired and I am missing Sylvia. Just a little pity party for about 10 minutes, then I’ll be back on track.

She has texted me several times today and we have talked. She will call me again tonight. I am going to veg out and watch American Idol from last night and tonight. Eat some left overs for dinner and hope my stomach calms down. It will be OK, I know and missing her tells me how much I love her.  Oh and this is good practice for when Sylvia flies out of the country for a week in March….Oh I’ll really miss her then!


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