So what is the next step that Sylvia and I will take together in this relationship? I believe it will be her moving in with me and the boys OR the introduction of toys in the bedroom. HAHA! Seriously though, lets talk about her moving in.

We spent several days cleaning out my garage. She can now park her car in there!! That was very nice a few weeks ago when we had some really bad weather. I have cleaned out my closet of all the clothes I no longer wear and of just lots of stuff I didn’t need anymore. Between the garage and my closet, I had a lot to donate!

Today we looked over my bedroom. She works from home some and needs a desk and a computer to do her work. We discussed how we could move a few things around to make room for her desk. She thinks I need a desk in there too, and she is probably right about that. I have a nice home, but it is small….only three bedrooms but there are two bathrooms.  Sylvia doesn’t have a lot to bring with her, but she would need room for her things and for storage. We need to move some of my things from the garage up into the attic.

I still need to have a long talk with my oldest son about this. My younger son already asks, “When is Sylvia coming home?” so I think he will transition much easier. Sylvia and I need to talk about her role with the kids. She already has the beginnings of a good relationship with them. However, things will change when she moves in. This will be her home(it already is at this point anyway, just not officially) and I will expect them to “mind” her just as they mind me(which sometimes is not the best anyway). When I leave for work now, Sylvia heads back to her home and works. Now she would work from here, so that would be a big change.

Sylvia and I are taking this in baby steps. We both agree we want to paint our bedroom, because even now it is our bedroom, not just mine anymore. We plan on painting the bedroom some time in March, but start looking at colors now. Right now, my bedroom is PINK, thanks the ex-husband, and we want to get rid of that!

I’ll keep y’all posted on how our baby steps are going with this. The next step really may be the “toys discussion” but to me moving in is the next REALLY big step!


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