One thing I truly love about my relationship with Sylvia is that we both have a very good sense of humor. We can tease together and really have some fun. When we first started dating our periods were exactly one week apart! We joked that they would soon synchronize and wondered how long it would take.

Well, the next month Sylvia was about two days late. On the second day she texted me and this is about how the conversation went:

Sylvia(S)–My period still hasn’t come!

Me(M)–Oh my, guess we will get synchronized soon.

S–well I sure hope I am not pregnant!

M–(laughing really hard at work, and glad I am in my office alone) OH I hope you aren’t pregnant!

S–Well, if I am, you know you are the father!

M–(really laughing now and so glad no one is around to ask me WHY I am laughing) REALLY are you sure I am the father!

S–Yes I am sure!


So, it was a good joke for us and something we laughed about for several days. Well her period came on the second day and my period came two days later, so about three days early. I texted her.

M–My period came, at least I know I am not pregnant!

S–OH that is so good!

M–Yes, cuz if I had been pregnant, you know you are the father right!!

S–me, really?? haha

Now this may not be the exact conversation, but it is the gist of it. We have laughed about me coming out and how my family has reacted. How I should have called my mom and said, “Mom, I am pregnant!”. My mom–GASP….ME–no I am not pregnant, just a lesbian! She would be so relieved I wasn’t pregnant that she wouldn’t mind I was  a lesbian. This was back when my mom struggled with my switching teams, she is much better about it now.

Sylvia has a beautiful laugh. I love it when we laugh and have a good time! We are seriously considering her moving in with me and the boys. In fact, we know it will happen, just when. We joked that when we tell the boys, we tell them the younger one will have to move into the older boy’s room so Sylvia can have an office. After many protests and the older one especially freaking out, just telling them…OH she is just moving in! You get to keep your rooms. They will be so relieved they won’t mind her moving in. Now we aren’t taking this lightly and I have approached both boys about it. We are moving slowly on this due to them, but it still fun to laugh about!

If I remember any more funny stories, I’ll post them!! anyone else have anything fun to share?


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