So what about my ex-husband? I really didn’t know if I should tell him about switching teams. He doesn’t see the boys very much….like once every six weeks or so. However, I didn’t want them lying to their dad if he ever asked them about me or if I was dating someone. The ex and I are on pretty good terms. The only problem we really have is that he has been out of work and not making a lot of money. Overall, he is a nice guy.

Well, one afternoon I had been texting him about the boys and texting Sylvia. Well I accidentally sent him a text saying, “missing you” and he replied with, “well looks like someone is dating?” Oh I was freaking out. He called later and I told him I would rather talk to him in person. At first, he thought I was dating one of his friends. I just kept trying to get out of it, because I really didn’t know how he would react. He then said, “are you dating a woman?” I replied “YES!” He actually said he was fine with it. Asked me where we met and how the boys were doing with it. Of all of the people I have told, he has taken it the best.

I don’t know if it is appropriate to say I was happy that he was fine with it, but I was. I didn’t want him to cause trouble with the boys or with Sylvia. He could make my life hard, like any ex can. Sylvia was shocked I told him, but glad it is done!!


2 thoughts on “So What about The Ex-Husband

    1. Yes it was. He lives about 6 hours away now, so he isn’t around much and that makes it easier too. He is a nice guy and he is now in a relationship, so I am happy for him. I am just glad that when he is around he doesn’t bad mouth me or Sylvia to the boys.

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