As I said in my previous blog, Sylvia said to me yesterday, “That’s what you get for dating a woman.”, when she asked me if my shirt was clean. That started me thinking. What DO you get for dating a woman….so here is my list and thoughts on the matter!

1. You get someone who really listens to you when you talk! Not just nod and act like she is listening.

2. You get someone who is soft when you cuddle with them.

3. You get to make love and really understand what the other person likes because you have the same “parts” as they do.

4. You get breasts….I have found I love breasts. I love to touch, kiss, and just lay my head between two breasts. I made this discovery about a month ago and so glad I did!

5. You might get someone who tells you to clean your plate! This is a bit of a joke between Sylvia and I. She will watch me eat and if I don’t clean my plate, she will either help me out or just give me a look! I’ll start laughing and usually finish off what is left. I’ll make these huge gestures and get silly with it. We both enjoy this little joke between us.

6. You get someone who you can share clothes with, if you are about the same size and have the same taste in clothes.

7. You get someone else who is hormonal once a month. It took only two months for our periods to start on the same day this month. I was a bit bitchy and she was emotional. Not a great combination for a few days, so we are going to have to work on being a bit extra nice during those days.

8. You can share those monthly supplies if needed. At least you might not get caught out without something. We also help each other remember WHEN that start date is approaching.

9. This hasn’t happened yet, but we figure we will be menopausal together. We are in our 40s so it will happen, just a matter of when and if we will experience it at the same time.

10. ???? I can’t think of a tenth thing right now. Why don’t y’all help me out and post a comment on this subject!

I want to finish with, this list was a bit fun and a bit serious! I have no regrets in “switching teams” and I truly enjoy my relationship with Sylvia. I love her very much!

2 thoughts on “That’s what you get for dating a woman!

  1. All of the above please! 😀

    Number ten? Hmm… hair you can actually play with? I’ve loved hair since I was a child and I’m looking forward to the first woman that wakes up next to me and has me stroking and admiring her hair! 😉

    And to have someone who finally understands what it feels like going through ‘that’ time of the month? Oh yes yes yes please!

  2. Oh Em, I like your number 10. Sylvia’s hair is longer than mine and I love to stroke her face and hair! I am always pulling it over her shoulder when we lay together in bed.
    Be careful what you wish for, when your periods run at the same time, things get interesting!!!

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