Ok, so what is up with this title. Well, it is something that Sylvia and I tease each other about as well as other things. One evening while making love, Sylvia covered me up with the sheets and blankets on the bed. I was a little warm and wanted to remove them. She then said, “you need your covers, or you will be DEAD!” Well, I just busted out laughing and since then it is something we say….”you need to eat your broccoli, or you will be DEAD!” and things like that.

It is sweet that she wants to take care of me, and when we are in bed together and she is uncovered I always make a point of covering her up. ONE thing we just don’t agree on is the temperature, or I guess we disagree about comfort levels with temperature. She gets COLD and is all bundled up, and I am sitting there in a short-sleeved shirt. We figure if this is all we ever really disagree about, then we are good.

We really do have fun and laugh together, even about this difference in opinion about temperature.  We laugh about a lot of things together. Just this morning, when I was getting dressed she comes in and looks at me and says, “Is that clean?” with this grin on her face. I acted all defeated and exaggerated this pouting face with slumped shoulders. She looked right at me and said, “Well this is what you get for dating a woman!” Oh did we both start laughing at that one.

We are approaching three months together and are both excited about our future together. I guess I can deal with being covered up, so I am not dead, if I get to be with Sylvia!


2 thoughts on “You Need Your Covers, or You Will be DEAD!

  1. Aww what a cute post!

    I’m like you – I don’t like getting hot (I overheat way too easily) so would much rather have no covers and the window open!

    Here’s to temperature being the only difference between you two! 🙂

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