So, what is it like to date another woman? Now this is not that question that I said everyone was asking….that was so what is it like to BE WITH/SLEEP with another woman?

Let me see….how is dating a woman different from dating a man? I can’t speak for all women, I guess I can only speak about dating Sylvia, but first and foremost she LISTENS. She actually listens to what I say and REMEMBERS what I talk about. She takes an interest in my work, my life and my children. She TALKS to me and tells me about her day and what is happening with her. Sylvia HELPS me, without having to be asked or bribed to help. She just jumps right in and gives me a hand. I am the same with her.

We text most of the day and keep each other informed of our happenings. Neither of us feels like we are “checking up” on each other. We try to chat at least once during the day, if not more. Both of us drive a lot for our jobs, so we like to be sure the other gets where she is headed.  I have never felt really “taken care of” in other relationships. Sylvia takes care of me emotionally and by just doing things for me.  I also trust her more than I have ever trusted anyone in a relationship. This is important for both of us!

Now of course, the sex life is VERY different, DUH! Let’s just say, I think there is more time taken when we make love, compared to with a man. More give and take, more affection, more intimacy, and more talking! Sylvia and I can spend hours in bed just talking.

The one thing I have had to adjust too, is do I want to have public displays of affection with Sylvia. We do hold hands….that is the most we have done. We have discussed sharing simple kisses in public. As I become more comfortable with who I am, I think this will become easier.

I don’t know if all women are like Sylvia, so some of these things may not apply. However this is what it is like for me to date a woman!

2 thoughts on “So, what is it like to date another woman?

  1. Wow – sounds amazing! I hope I manage to find a woman like Sylvia!

    I’m definitely curious by it all – having a relationship with a woman and everything that will entail but even without having one yet I already feel like it’s going to be a lot more honest, and caring than any experiences I’ve had with a man. I can’t wait! 😀

    1. I so wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did! However, I might not have met Sylvia if I had started looking at the wrong time. I am just so glad that I finally did make this decision. I wish you well on your journey Em!

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