I posted a while back about the “happy attacks” I got when  Sylvia and I first started dating. How I would have this overwhelming NEED for her…to talk to her over the phone….to be with her. She had warned me that I would have these overwhelming feelings and she was always there to talk me through them.

I feel like I have taken the next step with Sylvia in our relationship. We have grown closer in the last few days and yesterday I had another “happy attack”. I just felt like I had to talk to her while I was at work.  I had not had one of these since the beginning of December. It was surprising at first, and thankfully it was not as intense. I felt like I did when we had first started dating. Those butterflies were back in my stomach!

Last night, as we lay in bed we discussed it and discussed our night before. We had made love and I had felt this stronger connection to her. I couldn’t explain what had happened the night before. I couldn’t articulate it in words. She lay and held me, telling me it was OK. Her thoughts were that we had taken another step in our relationship and I tend to agree. In taking this step, we had strengthened our relationship and deep down I knew this. Because of all of this, I was having these “happy attacks” again.

I had another attack today and called her at lunch. We spoke for 20 minutes and I felt much better. We talked and talked last night before finally going to sleep. That is something we both like…the talking! She and I have such a strong connection. I was telling her last night, that I don’t know if I can explain it in my blog, but that I want to explain. She may do a guest blog for me soon, so she can explain our connection!


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