So here it is three months after making the switch and most people who are close to me know that I have made this switch. They know about Sylvia and such. I came out to family first and then to a very close friend. Since then I have come out to three people online who I am friends with. All of them have been fine with this switch in teams and been very supportive! I was worried, but I guess there was nothing to worry about there.  I have even told my ex-husband, who thankfully was not freaked out by all of this. He however, did share with his family. I had told him it would be fine, but didn’t think he would just pick up the phone and start calling everyone. I guess they had to find out some time.

What does one do in a heterosexual relationship? Do you tell people at work you are seeing someone? Do you share it on facebook? I don’t think I would be proclaiming my love for a man up and down the corridors of work, so why would I share that I am in love with a woman. I do have some good friends at work, but I haven’t shared with them at this point. I work in different town than I live in, so there is a very small chance I will be seen with Sylvia out on date. Now if we were seen, I would probably introduce her as a friend, but I am sure those who saw us together could guess we were more than friends. Let them guess,  I don’t have to confirm.

Am I afraid? I think I am. We live in a time where homosexuality is very accepted, but there are still those people who are not as accepting. One person can make your life more interesting than you ever wanted it to be. They could out you to others. They could lecture you about going to HELL because of you choice in a partner. That is the person I am afraid of. I don’t like confrontation and don’t want to have to deal with that one IDIOT who decides they should stick their nose into my business.

For now, I am only sharing my news with a few select people. It isn’t because I want to, but rather to protect myself from that one idiot out there who doesn’t get it.


3 thoughts on “Who do you come out too?

  1. It’s a shame that coming out as gay is something that does instill fear. It shouldn’t. It’s one own choice, affects one’s one life not those that will come to find out about it. Unfortunately it’s just not that simple!

    I hope it becomes easier for you to share coming out with more people in your life. Always start with those you can completely trust and take it from there.

    All the best!

  2. I’m not sure that I really ever came out, not in the classical sense. I moved over to Europe and left everyone who knows me behind so everyone and everything was new. When someone specifically asks, or when a man gets a bit too forward – and that happens more than anyone would wish – then I say. Otherwise, what’s it got to do with them?


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