I haven’t written much about my two boys. I really want to keep them out of a lot of this, but I am sure some are wondering HOW I have handled things with them. My older son is over the age of 13 and the younger one is under that age. Of course, both boys knew that Sylvia was spending the night. They saw her at night and usually the next morning. Of course, I could just say she was a good friend spending the night, and that is how I handled it at first.

Some in my family were very concerned about my older son. How would he react? Would it scar him for life? OH my, this just drove me insane. We have a good relationship and he has had several friends with two moms. After a few weeks, I did sit down and have a talk with him. I explained that Sylvia was my girlfriend, much like a man would be my boyfriend. I explained that we were dating. He took it fine and that was that. About a week later, I questioned him about it again and asked if he was fine with me dating Sylvia. He said he was. I then said, “but, you don’t want your friends to know, right?” He replied, “YEA, I don’t want them to know.” I can live with that!

Now my younger son, well he knows Sylvia is here a lot. He really likes her and gives her hugs when she leaves. One morning, when she was leaving, he yelled, “Sylvia, I love you!”. It was very sweet. One day, I asked him if he liked Sylvia. He said he did. I asked him why and he said, “because she is your girlfriend.” That surprised me, so I asked him what that meant. He said, “She is your best friend mom.” Well, that is true, Sylvia is my best friend! I have left it at that for now.

Both boys are happy and I believe it is because I am happier. Sylvia adds balance to my life and gives me good advice about the boys. If I don’t take the advice, she is not offended, but I do listen to all of it. Overall, things are going well with the boys and me dating Sylvia. I couldn’t have asked for it go any smoother than it has.

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