I have always been a tomboy at heart. I never liked wearing dresses and can’t even tell you the last time I wore one. Blue jean day at work is my favorite day to work. I get so excited when I can wear those blue jeans! I wear slacks and blouses to work usually with flats when it is warm and then boots in the winter. I wear a minimal amount of make up and I keep my hair pretty short!

So, now I have defined myself as a lesbian, but what kind and how many kinds of lesbians are there? I mean there is the feminine  lesbian, who most likely looks like a typical heterosexual female. There are women who are very butch and prefer to dress like men and maybe even look like a man if you see them from afar. I don’t identify myself with either of those two groups. I think I am somewhere in between. On the weekends I wear no make up and live in my jeans or sweats. I do wear some men’s clothes, but mostly jeans and some pull over sweat shirts. Sylvia and I are a lot alike in this way. She doesn’t fit into either of these groups either. Now I do carry a purse, but she doesn’t. However, there are times when I just throw everything into my small key chain coin purse and leave my “big” purse in the car or at home.

In the big scheme of things, I guess it doesn’t really matter what subgroup of lesbians I fit into. I am happy knowing that I am finally being who I am and true to myself. Just wondering what others think? Anyone want to share?


2 thoughts on “What kind of lesbian am I?

  1. What kind of lesbian am I? | Switching Teams: Fab post, this is one of my favourite subjects and close to my heart. LOL. I love keeping up to date on everything new so i’ll definitely be bookmarking this page. Keep up the good work!

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