Sylvia and I recently went out to eat at a local restaurant. I live in what some might think is a small town, but we do have 30,000 people in the town. It is a medium size town with a small town feel! Anyway, we went out to eat and as we sat down the waitress came up to us and asked me…What can I get you to drink, baby girl? I almost chuckled, but just said “water, thanks.” She then looked at Sylvia and said, “and for you baby girl?” Sylvia got water also!

When she walked away, Sylvia and I exchanged glances. Now we are in the southern part of the U.S. and hear “sweetie, darling…” and many other terms, but never have I been called BABY GIRL! She continued to call us that throughout the meal. We didn’t mind, thought it was cute, but we still weren’t sure WHY she was using that term!

As we neared the ned of our meal, I reached over and took Sylvia’s hand and then stroked her face. Sylvia smiled and then said, “Oh baby girl(meaning the waitress) is looking over at us.” She wasn’t sure why she was looking at us, and we don’t really think it was WE were together, but we chuckled.

For the rest of the night we called each other baby girl. We still laugh about it every now and then. That is one thing I truly LOVE about Sylvia, we laugh well together! We can also be quite serious together and have very tender, intimate moments together. I never truly knew love could be this good!

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