A few weeks before New Year’s Eve, Sylvia had mentioned a local dance for women only that occurs every month. The dance is usually on one  Saturday night each month. For January, they have the dance on New Year’s Eve. We discussed it and decided it would be something we would want to attend. I got busy tracking down a babysitter and found one through a nanny service. Sylvia got busy calling and making us a reservation for the dance. We were both very excited!

New Year’s Eve finally arrived! The dance started at 8:00. The sitter arrived around 7:15 and we left around 7:30! My younger son was excited to have someone to play the Wii with! We arrived at the dance around 8:15. There were many people there and even more came in later! We had brought some waters with us, but no alcohol. We could have brought some, but decided against it. They had a lot of finger foods too.

Both Sylvia and I are quite shy, so we really didn’t dance. I did get up and do a few line dances. It took a while for me to get real comfortable. I mean, I wasn’t uncomfortable, just not as comfortable as I could be. Later, I moved closer to Sylvia and we exchanged a few kisses and held hands. The nicest part of the dance was showing our affection towards each other without anyone staring at us. It was nice seeing other couples together. We enjoyed watching everyone have a good time.

 Sylvia and I had held hands in public, but that is really all we had done. I had actually talked to Sylvia about her feelings about kissing in public. Several times when we had been out, I had wanted to kiss her, just a peck really, but hadn’t. I wasn’t sure how she would feel about it.  She said that kissing her would be fine, but NO making out in public….and well I agreed with that! I was so glad we could discuss these things.

 At midnight we all got a small glass of champagne and Sylvia and I exchanged a huge kiss. It was very nice! We stayed for a bit longer, and then headed home! We got the babysitter on her way and then stayed up longer and brought in the New Year in bed!! It was a nice way to celebrate and I was looking forward to spending 2011 with Sylvia!

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