I was off for two weeks at Christmas as were my boys! Sylvia had lessons, but they were greatly reduced especially during the second week of vacation. I finished up some of my last-minute shopping and she came out every night and stayed. We slept in most mornings and were able to get up and eat breakfast together.

My ex husband would have the boys for Christmas Eve, so we decided to eat dinner at Sylvia’s house! She cooked a nice meal and we exchanged gifts. I had to leave around 8:00 to get home and get the boys to bed.  The boys and I got up early that morning to see what Santa brought them. Sylvia and I spoke that morning also and she came over around 12:00. My brother and his family were coming to my house to eat. My sister-in-law baked the turkey and brought it over. They had not met Sylvia before, and so it was interesting at first, but soon we were all chatting.

Sylvia and my SIL discussed how to make gravy and all three of us women got dinner on the table. During dinner we discussed a lot of different things and everyone got along well. I was pleased! Later we went to my dad’s house to celebrate, however, Sylvia asked not to go. There would be many family members there and she was a bit shy about going to a large gathering. I told her it was fine and she stayed at the house while we went off.

We were gone about an hour and a half, then came home! My brother and his family headed back to their house. Sylvia had finished cleaning the kitchen and was waiting when we got home. She ended up staying every night through my holiday break. We had several days where she didn’t even make it back to her home. We went shopping and spent an hour a day for about four days getting my garage in order! It was nice having her here and we really enjoyed our time together.

We made plans for New Year’s Eve and I’ll blog about that next! I was pleased with how things were going and she was also. They boys enjoyed having her around. My older son, who is a teenager, stayed in his room quite a bit but when he came out he was civil. He even smiled a few times at dinner. My younger son had started giving Sylvia hugs, all on his own, when she did have to run off to a lesson or home for a bit.

I wondered how I could become so close to someone in such a short period of time. I didn’t question it though, but decided to just go with it and be happy. We both deserved to be happy and we were so happy together and still are!


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