Sylvia and I spent the three weeks between Thanksgiving and my Christmas Break getting to know each other more. She came out to the house about five nights a week and spent the night. We cooked our meals together and enjoyed our evenings together. The boys got used to her being over. My youngest got to where he was expecting her each evening and was happy to see her!

We still texted each day and spoke at least a few times a day. My happy attacks subsided, but I still missed her quite a bit during the day. We both spoke about how easy it was for us to just BE together. We felt safe, loved, comforted and listened too when we were together. It was such a new experience for me and I think for her. I was not traveling at all over Christmas break so we made plans to have dinner at my house with my brother and his family. We also planned to have Christmas Eve at her house while my boys spent time with their dad. We were looking forward to having some time off together!

Things at work were stressful, but the stress did not get to me as it used too because I had Sylvia who balanced things out for me. She listened to me vent and gave me ideas on things.  I didn’t carry that stress around like I used too. I was happy and things were going well…..I knew I had made a good choice in switching teams.


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