Sylvia and I spoke on that Sunday night after our visit! We spoke a lot over the next two days through text and on the phone. We were really enjoying each others company and were hoping we could get together on that weekend. On that Wednesday, I took half a day from work to take my oldest to get his second part of his braces on. His appointment was at 3:00, but I went ahead and took a half a day off which meant I left work at 11:30.

I spoke to Sylvia on my way home and asked if I could come by and visit her. She lived only 20 minutes away and we would have some time to chat and I could still get back in time to get my son for his braces! Sylvia was free during that time and she took me up on my offer to come over. I went home first and changed my clothes….wanted to get into my jeans and sneakers.

I arrived at her place around 12:30 and we just sat and chatted on the couch…holding hands! It was very nice. We decided to set a timer so that I wouldn’t lose track of time and forget to leave in time to get my son. I had to drive to the school and then to the orthodontist! Around 1:30 the timer went off. We were again surprised at how quickly time had passed. Sylvia looked at me and said “I want to kiss you.” Oh I had been waiting for that kiss since I had arrived. I answered back with, “you can kiss me!”

She leaned over and kissed me, very passionately and more of a kiss than or Sunday kiss! It was very nice and exciting. I found that I really liked kissing her and we continued in this way for the next twenty minutes or so. She massaged my arms and I caressed her face. We both exchanged some very innocent touches while we kissed. I finally looked at the time and knew I had to go. We lingered at the front door and kissed some more. OH how I didn’t want to leave, but knew I must.

We promised to chat later and I would text her when I got to where I was going! We both knew we would want to see each other again and soon. I drove to pick up my son, knowing I really did love Sylvia and would not be changing my mind about switching teams.


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