So Sylvia left on that Friday to go and see her friend. We spoke that day by text and later in the evening on the phone. We were both excited about meeting on Sunday! The weekend seemed long to me, so I decided to keep busy. I cleaned the entire house, as much as I could. I even got both bathrooms. Sylvia and I spoke all day by text on Saturday and twice on the phone. I didn’t have any happy attacks that weekend, so that was good!

Sylvia drove home on Sunday morning and we planned on meeting around 1:00 at her place. She has a roommate who was home, so I would pick her up and go to a park. It was a beautiful Fall day and just the right weather to be outside. She texted to let me know she was home. I had told her I really wasn’t sure how I would react when I saw her. Here was someone who I had told I was falling for, and yet had not met her “in person.” I didn’t want to meet at a restaurant or public place, because I didn’t know how things would go. Around 12:30 I started for her place, excited but nervous. I would text her when I got close! The boys were home alone, but the older one is old enough to watch his younger brother who is not that young either!

I drove up to the townhome and Sylvia was outside waiting for me. We had seen pictures of each other so I knew it was her. I pulled up and she walked over and we gave each other a hug. It was nice. We spoke for a few minutes and then left for the park. We were both nervous in the car and exchanged small talk as she directed me to the park. We arrived and decided to walk for a bit, then found a picnic table to sit at and chat. I use sign language in my job and she speaks German, so we talked a lot about languages and our jobs. She taught me some German, which I had taken in high school MANY years ago, and I taught her some signs. We finally looked at the time and we had been there for TWO hours. Time had passed so quickly. We decided to go to a local restaurant and eat. We chatted as we waited for our food and then talked more through dinner.

During dinner, my older son called and the younger one had a LEGO stuck in his teeth. OH my!! I talked to the younger boy and explained I would be home pretty soon and not to panic. He had bitten the Lego trying to separate it from another Lego! The younger boy calmed down and the older one spoke to me again. I was laughing a bit while on the phone and then got to tell Sylvia the story! She thought it was quite funny, too, and later told me she was surprised at how calm I stayed. That I didn’t panic and say I must leave right away. Within another five minutes the older boy called me back to tell me that the Lego was out of his brother’s teeth!

We drove back to Sylvia’s place and sat in the car and talked. Sylvia took my hand and we held hands as we talked. I needed to get home, it was getting late in the afternoon and I needed to grab some dinner for the boys and then take my younger son out for Halloween. I really wanted to give her a kiss though and was hoping she might “make the first move”, but we just continued to chat and hold hands. I finally asked if I could kiss her and she answered with a “yes”. I leaned over as did she and we exchanged a kiss and several more kisses. They were simple kisses, if you get my drift, and what I needed to “start with” as you might say. I gave her a final hug and promised to call her that night after I got my younger son to bed….I would text her when I got home so she would know I had made it safely home!

I drove home very excited and happy. I really liked Sylvia and felt I had made a connection with her. She was in no hurry to rush a relationship, but rather let it develop over time at whatever pace we chose to take. We knew we wanted to see each other again and would soon set that up!

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