During those days when Sylvia nd I spoke she had told me that I might become overwhelmed by all of these new feelings I was having about “this”! I listened, but didn’t really understand it until the morning after I told her I was falling for her.

That next morning we texted each other very early. This soon became something we did each morning, text while still in bed! That whole morning, I was feeling so good about things. Around 11:00 that morning though, I became very overwhelmed. My feelings went a bit out of control and I panicked a little. I texted her that I was OK but feeling very overwhelmed all of the sudden and that I didn’t quite know what to do. She immediately called me and we spoke for about 30 minutes. I got my feelings under control and calmed down a bit. It was not an awful feeling, just something that came over me so quickly. We later began to call these “happy attacks” and they happened every few days or so. I think I was afraid that something would happen and she wouldn’t be there any more!

This happened on a Thursday and she was leaving the next day to go to a friend’s house over the weekend about 90 minutes from where we lived. OH and when we discussed where to meet on Sunday, we figured out that we only lived about 12 miles from each other. It was nice to know she lived so close to me. We firmed up our plans to meet on Sunday, it was Halloween so I would have to get home to take my youngest out to trick-or-treat so we planned to meet around 1:00 in the afternoon. I would go to her house and we would go to a park from there if the weather was nice.

We talked again on that Thursday night and we had texted most of the afternoon. It would be a long few days until our meeting on Sunday, but I was excited and ready!


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