I wasn’t really sure what to title this blog post. I finally came up with “What happened next?” because the next step was a big one for me. As I said Sylvia and I spoke on the phone for the first time for two hours if not longer. Over the next two nights we spoke for two to two and half hours. We texted each day and exchanged a few more emails. I couldn’t wait to hear from her and as the friendship grew so did something else.

I opened up to her about my divorce, my children and my job. We shared a great deal of information and we discussed some common interests. On the fourth day after we had started talking(so three nights of talking) I was at work, and thinking about Sylvia and our discussions. I slowly began to realize how much I enjoyed speaking to her and discussing my life, her life and my decision to change who I dated. She really helped me so much in that area, and was so kind and patient. We had started discussing actually meeting in person over the coming weekend. She would be out-of-town, but we were hoping to meet on Sunday afternoon. This feeling during that day just stayed with me, a sort of calmness to realizing that I was really beginning to care about this person, maybe even LOVE this woman. Could I really fall in love with someone over the phone?

Sylvia and I texted during the day and made plans to talk that night. We started that evening like we usually did, talking and such. That feeling stayed with me during the conversation. I finally told her I had something I wanted to tell her, but wasn’t sure HOW to tell her. She was very sweet and told me to take my time. I froze a bit. I didn’t say anything……I closed my eyes and breathed. I finally told her that I thought I was falling for her, falling in love. Her reply was, “I know.” I don’t remember her saying that though, we discussed this night the next day and she reminded me of it. The rest of our conversation that night was a blur. She told me that she was falling for me also.

We spoke until one in the morning. We made plans to meet in four days, on the following Sunday. We promised to text the next day! I hung up with her, even though I didn’t want to. I was at such peace with myself in some ways. I knew I was on the right path for my life. I had always heard of people falling in love and thought it was just a fantasy. I was feeling something that I had never felt before and as I fell asleep that night I was the happiest I had been in a long time.


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