As I said in my previous blog, Sylvia and I had decided to talk on the phone. We chose a day and I told her I would instant messenger when I got my youngest to bed. Thankfully, the child cooperated and went to bed and I messengered her that we could now talk on the phone. She asked me to call her and I did! I have to admit that I was nervous. We had talked to much online, would things go as easy on the phone.

I dialed the number and waited. After a few rings, Sylvia answered! It was nice to have a voice to go with the name now. We spoke for about two hours. I can’t even remember everything we discussed. We talked about our lives, our jobs, my kids, and me making this decision to “switch teams”.  It was an amazing night and neither of us wanted to get off the phone, but the late hour and the fact that we both had to work the next day pushed us to end the conversation. We agreed that we would talk the next night again and of course, by text during the day.

I got off of the phone with Sylvia feeling very good with how things were going. One thing she really stressed over and over again is that she wanted to move at my pace. She completely understood where I was in my journey and how I needed patience! This made things even nice. I felt very comfortable and safe talking to her. I was in such a good mood the next morning and then I checked my email on my iphone. Sylvia had written me the nicest email about how much she enjoyed talking to me and that she couldn’t wait to talk to me again. I felt the same way about talking to her.

We texted throughout the day and I thought of her all day. We spoke again on the second night  for over two hours. It was amazing to me how much we could find to talk about. Things were just so easy with her. I had two other women contact me through the dating website during part of this time and we did chat through a few emails, but nothing like I had with Sylvia. Could she really be “the one”? When I started on this journey I had already decided that I didn’t want to just meet a woman(or women) to have a “fling” with and then decide if this was something I wanted. I wanted to find someone I could connect with on many levels and who was intetested in something more long term. I was beginning to think that Sylvia might be this person, but would she feel the same way. I could only hope….could the first person I really corresponded with( I had corresponded with a few on craig’s list and on this dating web site, but only one or two emails and only one other on the phone and she was nice, but more of a friend).

I felt this strong connection with Sylvia. Everytime we texted, emailed or talked it just grew stronger. It was something that I had never felt before and it was nice….actually it was exciting and amazing. I really wanted to meet her in person, but was still a bit nervous.


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