Sylvia and I had exchanged a few emails and decided to use a messenger service to talk so it would be more of a “live” conversation rather than through emails. I was usually free after 8:30 when my youngest went to bed so that is when we would chat at night. It was easy to talk to her and we had some very interesting conversations. We discussed our jobs and our families. I shared quite a bit with her about my children and she never seemed to mind if I had to get up and leave our chat for a bit to deal with a kid issue. She also gave me her cell phone number after we had talked for about a week, so we could text during the day.

I wasn’t sure where all of this was leading. We never discussed going out or really meeting. She gave me a lot of advice about “this” as we called my switching teams. One week after we had talked, on a Saturday night, I took a chance and asked her to meet me at a local coffee house that I go to once a month to meet some friends. We meet and just chat and I thought it would be a nice place to meet her. It wouldn’t really be a “date” and there would be no expectations….so no pressure on either of us. She couldn’t meet that night and that was fine too. We decided we would chat online later when I got home.

Later that night, when I got home we did chat. She surprised me by telling me she didn’t usually talk to women for this length of time unless she liked them, and she liked me. WOW! That caught me by surprise and I was excited by it, because I liked her. We had been talking online about talking on the phone and we had decided to talk in a few days. I had her phone number and so I would call her and we would go from there.

I was so comfortable talking to her online through a messenger service, but was nervous about this next step of talking on the phone, but at the same time excited. I still wasn’t sure about all of “this”, but I was glad to be on the next part of my journey!


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