So now I had joined the dating website and was thinking….SO now what? I started getting suggestions for different women I might be interested in based on the questions I had answered. I had several suggestions and I would look them over. I read over their profiles to see who might be of interest. Many of them I sent messages that I liked them, to see if they would respond. Over several days I did this with really no response back….so I was glad I had done the six month subscription seeing as it might take THAT long! I was also worried that I might have wasted my money! I had decided that I didn’t want to go to a bar to meet someone, just not my thing.

Each day I would look over profiles and send someone a “like” message so they might look at my profile and contact me back. Some profiles had pictures, others didn’t. I based my interest more on the profile over anything else. I finally got the nerve up to email someone through the website because I really liked her profile. She soon emailed me back, and I was quite excited by that. Her name was Sylvia and she was just a year older than me. We exchanged two emails back and forth through the website and then decided to exchange actual emails to make things easier. We discussed just general information about each other, however I did let her know that “this” was all new to me. “This” being dating a woman, but also dating in general. She seemed to be fine with that and fine that I had children.

I still wasn’t sure about all of “this” as I called it, but at least I had made a friend and was hoping that it would be more than a friendship. Sylvia and I seemed to have a lot in common. I wondered where things would go from here!


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