So here I was, debating my dating life style. As I said, I spoke to several men through email, but none really appealed to me. Was it because I just hadn’t dated in over twenty years or was there more to it. I would find myself surfing the web, looking at dating sites as well as at lesbian web sites. If I was to make this bold leap, where to begin was the main question. I just wasn’t sure what to do or how to start. So I kept the debate going in my head and would push it aside for weeks at a time. There were moments though, when I would have time to myself, that I would begin my search on the web again.

I have several extended family members who are gay and one who came out later in life. I gave that person a call and spoke to them for quite some time. This person gave me some good advice and told me to go with my gut. It was most likely leading me in the right direction.

I looked on craig’s list’s dating site and well, it was these young girls looking for a fling. I met a one or two nice women, who corresponded with me. One even spoke to me by phone and we still chat sometimes. Most however, were younger girls who were not looking for a long-term relationship. I then decided I would just need to take the plunge and pay for a subscription for a dating web site. I then started looking at several of those and finally decided on one. Most of the sites costs about the same amount of money. I decided to do a six month membership, thinking it would take that long to find someone who might be interested in dating me or who I would find interesting. I truly had not dated anyone in over twenty years and that was scary in itself.

So now I have really decided to do THIS and now I have to write about myself in a profile. OH my, now wasn’t that interesting. What to say about myself and also that I have two kids. I didn’t want to hide that fact from someone. I also had this whole questionnaire to complete so that this website could recommend women who I might find compatible. I completed everything and paid with a credit card. I clicked submit and here I was starting a new journey. I still questioned, “Was this really what I wanted?” but again knew I had to find out. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with in my life, until I knew WHO I was and what I wanted. This was a huge step for me, just going on this website. Could I take the next step and actually speak to someone and go on a date? I didn’t know. I had to wait and see.


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