I grew up in a Catholic household, but it wasn’t too strict. I was always a tomboy. I never liked wearing dresses and was more into sports. I was not that great at sports, but I always gave 100%.  I had one boyfriend in middle school, but that was middle school. I dated a few guys in high school, but not too many and nothing too serious. I never even considered dating a woman or being interested in dating a girl in high school. This was the late 1970s and early 1980s and there was no homosexuality on TV at the time.

In college, I started dating a guy I met at work. He was very nice and we dated for several years. He proposed and we married after I finished college. Life was good and we had two children.  Two years ago, however, he walked out on me and my two boys. We had been having problems in the bedroom for several years. My interest in the bedroom was not as intense as his was. This was one of the main reasons he left me. I had had several “girl crushes” over the years, but never acted on them or thought much about them.

We divorced pretty quickly and he moved on with his life. I spent several months just trying to get my life together with my boys. I had no interest in dating at all for several months.  I did finally go onto some dating websites and spoke to several men through email. Many of them were very nice, but nothing really seemed to click. I just wasn’t intereseted. I saw some TV shows with lesbian story lines and my mind began to wonder about it. I looked at women dating websites and found I was more interested in those websites than the ones with men.

I debated for several months over this issue. I finally took the plunge and joined a women’s dating website a few months ago!  I still wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew I was interested and had to find out for sure. I needed to know.


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